Cost of Services

Free Initial Consultation

  • For custom design — a half hour meeting at our office or by phone is free of charge to discuss your project.
  • For all other projects please call us for a brief conversation.


  • We can provide our clients with a high/low price range estimate which will help them make informed decisions.
  • We will bid on projects only when provided with a detailed RFP (Request for Proposal) and a thorough conversation about the scope of work.
  • We can produce any project on a per hour basis or fixed quote.


  • No matter what the size of the project we recognize the importance of cost.
  • We will work with our clients to design and produce a solution that fits within their budget.
  • The majority of our work is done on a per hour basis, so the client has complete control over every aspect of the project and its cost.

Our Rates

  • consulting @ 125.00 per hour
  • website design @ 125.00 per hour
  • graphic design @ 125.00 per hour
  • advanced programming @ 150.00 - 200.00 per hour
  • website management (as needed basis) @ 125.00 per hour

Our Guarantee

  • All websites will be built technically correct and in compliance with the most current W3Consortium HTML specifications.
  • Each website will be optimized for best search engine results.
  • Every website will be beta tested on popular web browsers and computer platforms.
  • All print files will be prepared and delivered ready for your chosen printer.
  • Our clients will be glad they chose us!